I thought it was forbidden.


Beverly is losing weight.

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You'll have to take his place in case he can't come.

This old house is made of wood.

Tell me again what I'm supposed to do.


There's nothing to talk about.

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I filled the jug to the brim.

The thief made off with my wallet!

I like my life the way it is now.

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I prefer the vizier's well-intentioned lie to your malicious truth.

Whose handwriting is this?

Edmund says I'm a good listener.

Vickie was ill.

The portions are huge at this restaurant.


You won't be right.

The most difficult part is still to be done.

There is a preferential price for unemployed people and the elderly.

We're able dancers.

Did you see the way he looked at me?

Is there something on your mind?

Mr Smith married his daughter to a doctor.

Nice to see you.

It didn't go well.

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I want to put a private investigator on Nguyen.

I hate ironing.

I was in my early teens when I first met Piet.


It certainly could've been worse.

The newcomers cultivated the immense wilderness.

He brought us a small gift each time he called on us.

Everything has to be timed perfectly in our project.

I didn't want to.

I'll go change.

Rabin likes ladyboys.


I wasn't even thinking about that.


I'm going out to get something to eat.

You're a little drunk, aren't you?

Human beings are the higher mammals.

Sound needs matter to propagate through, however cosmic noise or electromagnetic waves don't.

Cindy lay bleeding on the floor.

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I have my share of doubts.

They send us spare parts.

Taro, go brush your teeth.


Odette was born in Nantes in 1905.

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Lester promised me he'd never come back here again.

Censorious people delight in casting blame.

I wonder how many hours it'll take to finish painting the house.

Isn't a coming out an invitation to coming in ?

Ranjit didn't look comfortable.

Manuel hasn't been to the supermarket in a long time.

He waited until she came.


We can build that.

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There was a man who had three sons.

My plan was rejected.

The store is closing at 7.

There are not many books on these shelves.

The revolt happened day by day.

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Business is so slow these days.

I never have trouble falling asleep.

Julie looks like he might start crying.


He worked for a rich man.

She dreamed of becoming a nurse.

You must, above all, be faithful to your friends.

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Janos is in bed, asleep.

I have diarrhea.

I took my temperature, but it was normal.

Robbin is going to propose to Darci.

Ralf couldn't count to ten until he was three years old.

Who knows this guy?

Sachiko is most popular in our class.


Back to her office, she picked up her phone and dialled Charlie's number.

Do I need to do it again?

Cuzco is one of the most interesting places in the world.


I asked Mosur if I could talk to him in private.

He stuck a meatball with his fork.

Leave our house.

How did your doctor's appointment go?

As long as we've driven this far, we might as well go on.


I don't see a temple.

Invading Iraq was the worst foreign policy decision ever made by an American president.

Mars is half the size of Earth.

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The patriarchal system has always been more prevalent.

The American ships were stopped and searched in British waters.

These kids are in danger.

Why he can't get the point?

I can't believe Louise bought that house.


He decided to have surgery.

Why is this happening?

I thought you knew them.

I'm not trying to be sarcastic.

Josip thinks he's God's gift to women.

All my problems are over.

It's in English.

You promised you'd be there.

I am an Earthling.

A good idea came to him.

Nadeem doesn't like talking to strangers.

Hitoshi is wearing a nice blue shirt.

We're all going to be just fine.


It was a counterintuitive event.

That's what you should do.

It's a strange matter.

Let's get out for a while to take a walk.

I knew it would happen.

He brushes his teeth after his meals.

They collect our garbage every Monday.

They don't want to use it.

I recommend that you read that novel.

Albert told Tuna that it would probably snow all day.

I sometimes feel drowsy in the early afternoon.


Billy, I need my overtime.


He sold his shares with a very good profit.

She had a sheltered life.

Vadim wanted to shout his love for Naresh from the rooftops.


Kyle is thinking of going to Boston next winter.


Hienz is probably not hungry.

My level of Japanese is weak, so I can't write well.

Jagath seems to be in no mood to participate.

What we have is enough.

In 1990, Dan was still a rookie officer under Matt Smith.


Let me see what you've got.


The capital of Spain is Madrid and the official language is Spanish.

I bought a VCR at that store for a low price.

Guess what I found.

I'm always busy with my homework.

Don't you remember how I told you it should be done?

I can't get you out of my head.

Alexander Hamilton was a proud man.

He dropped the anchovies.

I happen to like a challenge.


Could you get a ticket for me?

I must apologize.

That'll never do.


Wait in the car, OK?


They went to Italy for their honeymoon.

Is Kerry going to do it or not?

I ate beside my friend.

There is no sign indicating that this is a meeting room.

Their job is to iron clothes.


Shai took off his coat and hung it over a chair.

Technology is always changing.

I'm going to go mountain climbing tomorrow.

I missed an opportunity to clobber him.

That's too good a story to be true.

You always made my decisions for me.

She is extremely natural in her manner.


Come down from the tree.

The student felt that her low grade was not just.

Y'all are trustworthy.

Press the button.

Although the life of Chinese people is getting better and better now, there is still room for improvement.

Root often quotes Shakespeare.

Edison invented the electric lamp.


I don't think we should be doing this.

If only he arrives in time!

I want to make her happy.

Rob wants to know if you're planning to come to his party.

It'll be three weeks before I see you again.

Happy Thanksgiving Day.

Ram will go.


Bea is a late riser.


Show him what you're capable of.